In you dashboard, invoices will be labeled the following ways: pending, upcoming, due, overdue, processing, paid, or void. Learn how each label is defined:

  • Pending: Pending invoices are not yet finalized as the charges and credits are subject to change before the due date. Pending invoices will be created on your organization’s due date.

  • Upcoming: Upcoming invoices are invoices which have been finalized, but have not yet become due, as the due date is set in the future. You can manually create one for any user/team from their profile.

  • Due: Due invoices are finalized invoices that have since passed the invoice due date

  • Overdue: Overdue invoices are finalized invoices that have passed the due date by x amount of days (depending on your organization’s settings)

  • Processing: Processing invoices are any invoices which have been partially or fully paid by the user/team, but are being processed by your payment gateway.

Note: Once confirmed, fully paid invoices will be labeled as 'paid', while partially paid invoices will revert back to their previous state until another payment is made or the invoice is fully paid.

  • Paid: Paid invoices are any invoices officially paid according to your payment gateway.

Note: If a charge is disputed by a user through their bank, your payment gateway will not update Optix, and therefore it could be remain marked as 'paid'.

  • Void: Void invoices are invoices that have been marked as cancelled manually by an admin

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