Pending invoices are a preview of a user/teams next invoice. They are accessible via the users details tab from the Users panel. Pending invoices do not show up on the main invoices screen because they are subject to change and not finalized yet.

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  • To align Optix with invoicing best practices, it is no longer possible to edit Due or Upcoming Invoices. 
  • You may however edit Pending invoices, accessible from the User panel and that users details. 
  • Once a charge on a Pending Invoice is due, those items will automatically move to an invoice that has the status of Due and show up in your Invoices panel. 
  • Right now you may have a number of Due or Upcoming invoices from the previous system which are now locked because of this. After those invoices are closed (Paid) you will have full control (edit, add/remove line items) via the Pending invoice for that user or team. 

A few things to know about Pending invoices:

  1. A Pending Invoice is where you might add a custom line item for one-time charges and other incidentals. 
  2. There is a short delay between making changes in Optix and those changes being reflected on a Pending invoice.
  3. Pending invoices do not have an invoice number.
  4. Pending invoices are only accessible from the User panel by clicking into a specific user.
  5. Items on a Pending invoice can be charged for early with the Charge Early button located at the top right of the Pending invoice.

A Pending Invoice does not have an invoice number because it is still subject to change, as items on a Pending invoice become due, an upcoming invoice will be generated with those items. 

If you wish to charge early for items on a Pending invoice you can do so by using the Charge Early feature, from the top right corner of the Pending invoice. 

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