Pending invoices are a preview of a user or team's next invoice. You can think of a pending invoice as a simple queue of charges and credits, it doesn't have an invoice number and it's subject to change. A pending invoice is a convenient way for users to see what their next invoice will look like.

Where do I access individual pending invoices? 

Individual pending invoices are accessible via the 'Users details' tab from the Users panel. 

Once a Pending Invoice is due, it will automatically move to the Invoice page and be converted into a Due Invoice.

How do I view a full list of my pending invoices?

You can see a full list of pending invoices by clicking on Pending Invoices under Invoices in the side navigation. Rather preview it in CSV form? You are able to export a CSV report all of your pending invoice items using the Data Exporter App.

Can I edit a pending invoice, such as removing and voiding an item?

Yes! You are able to edit a pending invoice by either removing and voiding a item on a pending invoice or adding a custom line item for one-time charges, discounts or other incidentals.

Note: When removing and voiding an invoice item, the system will still consider this line 'invoiced' and could create refunds if something changes. For example, if you 'remove and void' a booking charge, then cancel the booking, a refund for that booking will be created.

How do I charge early for items on a pending invoice? 

Some or all items on a Pending invoice can be charged for early with the Charge Early button located at the top right of the Pending invoice

Can I mark pending invoices as paid?

Yes! You can either finalize and mark a pending invoice as paid or you can finalize and charge now for a pending invoice. You can do this on the pending invoice itself by clicking on the three dot menu at the top right hand corner of the pending invoice. 

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