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How are ‘off-plan’ bookings invoiced?
How are ‘off-plan’ bookings invoiced?

As an admin, learn how users who aren’t subscribed to plans are invoiced for their bookings

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When bookings/check-ins are made that are not covered by a relevant plan allowance, by default the charge is added to the pending invoice. For example, in an organization with a billing date set to the first of the month, a booking made on August 15th that was not covered by a plan allowance would appear on the September 1st invoice. These charges could include:

  • Bookings partially covered by a plan (e.g. a two hour booking for which there was one hour of allowance available under a plan)

  • A discounted booking/check-in after the plan allowance was exhausted (e.g. plan included a 25% discount for bookings once the included allowance was used up)

  • On demand bookings/check-ins for users who do not have an assigned plan

When bookings are made on behalf of a user by an admin (from within the web dashboard), there are also two options – the first being to to specify that the associated charge is due immediately. In this case an invoice would be raised and marked due immediately. The second being to collect the payment which will create an invoice and charge the default payment method of a corresponding user or a team shortly after. In the case of a failed payment attempt, the booking will be cancelled.

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