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Why doesn't my User have Kisi access?

As an admin, learn how to troubleshoot common Kisi issues such as 'unable to detect location', 'unable to unlock doors' and 'no locks found'

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If correctly configured, the Kisi and Optix integration provides Users with seamless access to your space. Before diving into troubleshooting, check the following requirements for Kisi and Optix integration to operate properly:

  1. Ensure that your Kisi account is connected by navigating to Settings > Installed apps > Optix

  2. Ensure that your Kisi groups are appropriately mapped in your Optix dashboard. click here to learn how to provide Kisi access to your Users.

  3. Ensure that the User account is connected using the Kisi Owner Token. To confirm this, navigate to Settings > Installed apps > Kisi in the Optix dashboard. Copy the email address used for the connection, then navigate to your Kisi Dashboard > Users, and search for the email. After clicking on the user name, navigate to the bottom of the page. On the Access Rights page, you should see “Organization Owner”.

If you checked off all the requirements above for a proper Kisi and Optix integration, and your Users are still experiencing difficulties, below are some common issues that could occur and how to resolve them.

Check the Kisi Event Log

Before diving into troubleshooting, try checking to see if Kisi registered an issue. To check this follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Event History on the left-hand menu

  2. Check the event histories. If there's an unlock failure event registered, Kisi will provide a detailed reason for the failure.

"Unable to detect your location"

If you have the Geofence Restriction option enabled in your Kisi dashboard, a User may receive this error message when they haven't allowed location access for the Optix app or your white-labeled app.

"No locks found. You don’t have access to any locks”

The two potential reasons why a User might receive this error message are:

1. The User is "unconfirmed". This occurs when an admin adds the User directly in the Kisi dashboard, rather than through your Optix dashboard.

To resolve this issue, an admin will need to remove them from your Kisi dashboard and recreate their Kisi share through Optix.

2. There are no active shares available for this User. This means that at the time the User tried to access your space or door, they didn't have permission via your Kisi access rights to do so.

To resolve this issue, check the access assigned to this User. The access will show the valid date and time range where the user can access the door.

Note: If the Kisi access was associated with a resource booking, the User will only see the lock and gain access 5 minutes before the scheduled booking time.

"Restricted" message when using the 'Unlock Door' button

The leading cause of this error message is due to the time restriction applied to the lock and/or the User group.

There are many ways to resolve this issue (ie. via Kisi permissions or your Optix mapping). This will depend on how you'd like to configure the time restriction on your locks/User group. We suggest you decide what the best approach would be for your organization.

“Failed to unlock lock because they were accessing outside of opening hours.”

You will see this error message under the Event History page on your Kisi dashboard, and this commonly occurs when there is a time restriction applied to the lock and/or user group.

Similar to the "Restricted" error message, there are many ways to resolve this issue. This will depend on how you'd like to configure the time restriction on your locks/User groups. We suggest you decide what the best approach would be for your organization with your Kisi admin team.

Note: If the User didn't receive an error message and there were no events registered, it's likely that the User's mobile device didn’t interact with the Kisi Reader. In this case, click here to learn more about the ways to troubleshoot the issue from the User's mobile device.

If you require assistance to further investigate

Please ensure the following information is available when you contact

  1. The name of the user(s) who are experiencing the issue

  2. The date and time when the issue happened

  3. If there were configuration changes to the Kisi mapping between Optix and Kisi (what and when)

  4. If there were configuration changes on the Kisi dashboard, such as lock/user group configuration (what and when)

  5. Screenshots are always helpful for our team to troubleshoot the issue!

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