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How do I add Optix as an 'Observer' in my Kisi dashboard?
How do I add Optix as an 'Observer' in my Kisi dashboard?

As an admin, learn how to add Optix as an 'Observer' to your Kisi account so we can support with troubleshooting Kisi issues or errors

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Before adding us as an Observer to your Kisi dashboard, we recommend you review our Kisi Troubleshooting Guide and this article, which outlines common permissions that Users will need to enable to unlock doors.

Once you've had a chance to look into our Kisi support articles and you're continuing to experience issues, adding the Optix team to your Kisi dashboard as an 'Observer' will give our team the visibility on your settings and the event logs for an in-depth investigation. Click here to learn more about the 'Observer' role.

Note: The 'Observer' role will not be able to make any changes to your configurations in the dashboard. We will only have visibility on your Kisi settings.

To add the Optix team as an observer:

  1. Click Users from the left-hand menu

  2. Click Add Users

  3. Add a new user using our email,

  4. Click on Access Rights from the left-hand menu

  5. Select the Organization

  6. Click Share Access

  7. Enter our email address in the 'Search User' box

  8. Select the 'Observer' role and click Assign

Once you've successfully added the Optix team to your Kisi dashboard, reach out to, with the following information. The more information you are able to share, the better our team will be able to support you.

  1. The name of the user(s) who is experiencing the issue with unlocking your doors

  2. The date and time when the issue happened

  3. If there were configuration changes to the Kisi mapping between Optix and Kisi (what and when)

  4. If there were configuration changes on the Kisi dashboard, such as lock/user group configuration (what and when)

  5. Screenshots are always helpful for our team to troubleshoot the issue!

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