How do I create a Plan Template in Optix?

As an admin, learn how to add a Plan Template

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Creating Plan Templates is a great way to save time when adding common Plans to multiple Users or Teams. Plan Templates also enable you to allow your users to sign up for new plans themselves in-app or via the Sign-up Widget. Plan Templates must first be created in the Plans menu under Plan Templates, then they will become available to edit and assign to users and teams under All Plans. To create Plan Templates, follow the steps below:

1. Click Plans from the left-hand menu

2. Click Plan Templates

3. Click Add Plan Template

4. Enter a Plan Template name and description and set your preferences for ‘User visibility’ and ‘Default end date’

Note: The 'Visible to new users' toggles determines if new users can sign up to this Plan themselves in-app and through the Sign-up Web Widget. This is only relevant in-app if you have set your new user registration policy in Mobile App > Access to the app to ‘Users sign up and obtain access’. In all other cases, plans are only assigned by administrators.

5. For plans that have access and allowance for Bookings, Check-ins and/or Product purchases, click Add Item under ‘Included items’. Learn more about the different Access items you can include here.

8. Set whether you’d like this Plan to be paid or free. For paid Plans, choose the price and the frequency of the billing period (i.e. every week, month, quarter, etc).

Note: You can further customize when and how you want to charge your Users using Advanced billing. Choose whether you’d like to start charging users on your organization’s billing date or on the plan start date (or after the free trial ends). You can also choose to charge users for a deposit, set up fees, and any prorated charges on the billing date or plan start date.

9. Include any ‘Terms’ that the User and/or Team would see that are specific to this Plan. 10. When you're ready, click Save

Now you’re all set to use this templated Plan when adding a Plan to a user or team under Plans > All Plans. Click here to learn how to add a Plan to a User or a Team.

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