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How do I automate my check-in process with Kisi?
How do I automate my check-in process with Kisi?

As an admin, learn about automating your check in process with the Kisi integration

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Note: To check in users automatically in Optix with Kisi, you'll need to ensure you have the latest Kisi organization (2.0) account. Please reach out to Kisi directly to verify this.

  1. Once integrated with Kisi, select Settings from the left-hand menu

  2. Click Installed apps and select Kisi

  3. Select Configure under Locations

  4. Select a Kisi Place to map it to one of your Optix locations

Note: Checking-in your Users via Kisi Place will charge them your organization's day rate. Ensure that you either:

  1. Add 'Check-ins' to your members allowance via their Plan or Pass, so they are not charged when checking-in OR

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