What is Allowance?

As an admin, learn about what Allowance in Optix is

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Allowance is what provides your Users and Teams with the ability to consume Check-ins at your Location(s), make Resource Bookings, and/or purchase Products. It is comprised of hours, monetary currency, Uses, and/or your own Custom Allowance Unit that can be purchased by or assigned to a User or Team.

There are three ways in which a User or Team can get Allowance:

  1. Passes

  2. Allowance manually added to their balance.

Note: It's important to understand that Optix always searches for the best option for the User. In order for Allowance to be deducted from your Users' accounts, there must be an associated price with the Resource, Check-in or Product that they have limited allowance for.

Example 1:

  • A User is added to a Plan that gives them 10 hours of Allowance for Bookings of any Resources each month. This would add 10 hours of Allowance to their account. This same User could then purchase a Pass with an additional 5 hours of Allowance, topping up their Allowance to 15 hours. As the User makes bookings, this Allowance will deduct. An administrator could also manually deduct 2 hours of Allowance, totalling 13 hours of Allowance for this User.

  • At the end of the User's Plan period, any unused Allowance from their Plan will not roll over. Their balance will reset to 10 hours for Bookings of any Resource, plus any remaining time from their additional Pass purchase.

Example 2:

  • A User is added to a Plan that gives them 2 uses of Allowance for Check-ins each week. The User consumes their 2 check-ins one week and then makes an additional visit. As the User had depleted their weekly Allowance, they could:

Note: It is possible to prevent Users from paying the hourly price of Resources and/or Check-ins by enforcing the requirement to always have Allowance in your account prior to making bookings/check-ins.

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