Kisi setup and API tokens

  1. Create a Group in Kisi. These Groups determine when your users can access your location.

  2. Once you have created at least one group, click on the account icon in the top right corner and select Manage Devices.

  3. Here you will see the option to generate an API token, make note of this as you will need to input this in to Optix to complete the integration.

    IMPORTANT: If the API token that was generated in Kisi is not working, the user that created the token may not have been assigned the role of Admin. The account used to generate the API token must be assigned the role of Admin. If the account is not set as an Admin the API token that is generated will not sync to the Kisi Groups. For more information see How to create a Kisi admin.

Integrating Kisi and Optix

  1. Select Apps from the left-hand menu, then click Find new apps

  2. Scroll down and click Kisi

  3. Click Install

  4. Input the API token you generated in Kisi and click Save 

Connect Kisi groups with Optix plans

Once you have established a connection between Optix and Kisi by following the process outlined above, you are ready to link Kisi groups with specific plans in Optix

  1. Select Plans from the left-hand menu

  2. Locate the plan you would like to link to a Kisi Group and click View/Edit 

  3. At the bottom of the plan, you will see the option to connect a Kisi Group. Select the Kisi Group you'd like to link to this particular plan

  4. When you're satisfied, click Save. All Optix users who are assigned the plan will automatically be added to the Kisi group

Adding and removing users from Kisi groups

Assigning a plan that is linked to a Kisi group will automatically add that user (or all team members in the case of a team plan) to the appropriate access group in Kisi. Canceling a plan will remove the user(s) from the relevant group.

Optix users will receive an invitation from Kisi to create an account once you've added them to a plan that is linked to a Kisi group. If you have required the user/team to accept the plan, the invite will not be sent until such time the plan has been accepted and become active. The time that this email is triggered will depend on whether or not you require your users to agree to a plan before it gets added to their account.

Note: If for any reason you need to keep an Optix user on their plan but remove their Kisi access, you can remove the user from your Kisi account.

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