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How do I manage private offices in Optix?
How do I manage private offices in Optix?

As an admin, learn about the different ways to managing office assignments in Optix through Assignments and Plans

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There are 2 very different ways to manage your private office assignments in Optix. Depending on what your business model is and how prefer to manage your private offices, one method may work better than the other.

1. Assign your Users/Teams directly to a private office with the Assignments option (preferred method)

This approach is useful if you're hoping to collect data on the Usage of your private office Resources in your Analytics, and if you build custom Invoices for each member with a private office.

If you'd like to assign a Resource to a User, click here to learn more.

2. Manage your private office assignments via Plans

This approach may be useful if you're looking to collect data on the Usage of a 'Private Office Plan' in your Analytics.

To manage and track private office Assignments, we suggest the following approach that involves using Plans and custom properties.

1. Create a Plan Template for Private Offices. You do not need to be specific with the details of this Plan Template. The purpose of creating a Plan Template is to have a reference, which you can take and make minor edits when assigning a private office to a User/Team. This is not a requirement, but it could be beneficial when you have multiple Private Offices with similarities.

Note: Ensure to have the Visibility toggles disabled to prevent your Users from being able to see and subscribe to this Plan Template. Only the admins should be able to view this Plan Template.

If you have a private office become available, you may want to make this Plan Template visible to existing Users, and promote this Plan Template on your home screen to let your Users know that there is an available private office.

2. When creating the Plan Template, use an 'Hourly Bookings' access type with an 'Unlimited' access grant to 'Any Private Office'.

Note: You can use the 'Any Private Office' designation for all versions of the Plan Template as we will assign a specific office in Step 3 below. The price specified for the Plan is what will be charged, the price you specified when creating the Resource is irrelevant in this scenario.

3. When assigning a private office to a User or a Team, take this Plan Template, and make necessary edits to customize the Plan specific to their Assignment (i.e. price, name of the Plan...etc).

4. You can also create a custom User property called 'Office Assignment'. Make sure to select the Field Type of 'Single Option' to ensure you are able to filter by this property on the Users list.

5. When you create the Assignment, set the price to 'Free', as they are paying for their private office through their Plan already.

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