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How do I create a repeat booking on behalf of a user?
How do I create a repeat booking on behalf of a user?

As an admin, learn how to make a booking that repeats/recurs on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis

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As an administrator, you can make bookings that repeat on behalf of users from within the web dashboard.

Creating a repeat booking

Note: In order for a resource to allow for a repeat booking, you must enable the toggle in the resource's settings that says 'Allow repeat bookings'. All resources will have this disabled by default. If you'd like to update multiple resources at once, you can use the bulk edit functionality to 'Allow repeat bookings' on multiple resources with one click.

1. When on the 'New booking' screen, click the drop-down menu labelled Does not repeat. Here you'll be provided with a list of repeat options for the booking:

  • Never (Does not repeat)

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Annually

  • Every weekday (Monday to Friday)

  • Custom

2. Select an option from the drop-down. If none of the options work for you, select Custom. If you select Custom, a screen will slide-in from the right that provides you with custom options. Once you've selected your customizations, click Save.

The custom options provide the following customization:

  • For the booking to Repeat every X amount of days, weeks, months, or years.

  • For the booking to Repeat on a particular day(s) of the week.

You can also select when the booking ends:

  • Never

  • On a particular date

  • After an amount of occurrences

Note: If you set your booking to repeat 'Weekly on Monday and Tuesday, and ends after 6 occurrences, this will create 6 bookings across 3 weeks, not 12 bookings across 6 weeks.

Note: You may see a red message appear under the booking date explaining how repeat bookings are not allowed for the resource. To update the resource to allow for repeat bookings, simply enable the toggle when editing the resource to 'Allow for repeat bookings'. This toggle will be disabled for all resources by default.

Note: You may also see a yellow note appear under the booking date that tells you there are conflicts with the repeat booking. You can click on see conflicts on the yellow note to see a list of days that are not available. If you schedule the repeat booking with these conflicts, those days will not be included as part of the repetition.

A conflict can be any of the following:

  • One of the repeat booking dates are not available (there is another booking on that date).

  • Your resource may have settings that do not allow for the repeat booking (E.g. there is a buffer time set, and if there is a booking right before the repeat booking, it cannot be made because the system needs to allow for that buffer time).

3. Once you are happy with your repeat booking settings, you can click Save on the new booking. You will see the frequency for the repeat booking saved in the drop-down.

Note: Bookings will only be created to repeat for a year's time. After that, the repeat bookings will be created on a rolling timeline as time passes.

  • E.g. If a booking repeats Every Wednesday, your Schedule will display the booking repeating every Wednesday for the next year, but won't display any bookings after the year. Once the first booking has passed, a new booking will pop-up, and the pattern will continue as time passes.

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