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What is the difference between Check-ins and Allowance?
What is the difference between Check-ins and Allowance?

As an admin, learn how to add access to Plans in Optix

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When adding Allowance to a Plan, you can choose between Monetary currency, Hours, and Uses. You can also choose to charge Users by Check-ins. It is important to understand the distinction between Allowance and Check-ins prior to creating your Plans and allowing access to your organization.

Monetary Currency

You can set monetary prices for all of your resources (there's also a daily price cap for resources) and Products. Monetary currency added to a Plan provides a set amount of currency (e.g. $100) that your User can spend on Bookings or Products.


'Hours' added to a Plan provide a set number of hours that can be applied towards booking resources. This is most commonly used for booking desks, meeting and conference rooms by the hour. Hours will be deducted from a User's Plan through the process of creating bookings in Optix.


'Uses' provide access to any of the resources or products and do not consider the price or hours. Here are some examples of how you can spend uses:

  • If hot desks at your organization are priced at $25 per hour, you can spend 1 use of the hot desk allowance towards 1 hour of booking for this desk or 8 hours

  • You can spend 1 use to purchase 1 cup of coffee (1 product purchase)

  • You can spend 1 use on 1 check-in


Check-ins provide access to your facility and may be useful if you'd like to track who and how many people are accessing your space. If you have an open concept organization or have lounge areas or hot desks that aren't tied to Allowance, for example, you may want to simply charge your Users for a Check-in to access the shared space. You can add Check-ins to Plans or Passes, or charge your Users for individual Check-ins through a Day rate.

Keep in mind, consuming a Check-in requires Users to either:

Note: If a User has more than one Plan assigned to them with daily Check-in access, the first Plan where a Check-in would be be deducted from is the Plan that has a monthly or yearly billing cadence, followed by any one-time Plans.

To learn more about how Check-ins work, check out this article here.


A single Plan can involve both 'Hourly bookings' access and 'daily Check-ins' access. Consider the following:

  • You want to provide 10 hours of meeting room access/month and 15 days of hot desks

  • First layer of access on the Plan is 'Hourly bookings' where you provide 10 hours for 'Any meeting room'

  • Second layer of access on the Plan is 'Daily check-ins' where you provide 15 days

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