There are three ways through which you can offer discounts within Optix. Click on any of the options for more details on how to set up the discount. 

  1. Discounts on Resources, Products, and Check-ins made available through Overage discount added on a Plan. You can also create a custom access package with items you'd like to offer discounts on. Learn how to create custom access.

  2. Discounts on the price of Plans by assigning a custom Plan, with a discount applied, to a User or a Team. You can also take a Plan Template as a reference and change the price. Learn how to add a Plan to a User or a Team here.

  3. Discounts as a line item on their upcoming invoice. Learn how to create custom item lines here.

Note: You can either choose to offer Users discounts on overage to their included items by choosing Limited access + discount or just Discount when adding a Plan.

Need more info on Users, Teams & Check-ins?

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