Your desks, meeting rooms and offices can be set up and managed easily within Optix. This article will cover the process for creating, duplicating and editing spaces.

All of these actions can be completed by clicking on Venues & Spaces in the dashboard menu, then selecting the venue you wish to manage spaces for (if you have multiple venues), and clicking in to the Spaces tab.

This article covers:

  • Creating a space
  • Duplicating a space
  • Editing an individual space
  • Editing multiple spaces (bulk edit)
  • Bookable by Administrators only
  • Deleting spaces

Create a space

  1. Click the Add space in the top right of the 'Spaces' screen
  2. Specify a 'Space name'. This is what will be visible to users when booking through the app
  3. Select a 'Space type'. Space types are used to categorize similar spaces and relate to the way in which you can grant users allowances through plans. Learn more about space types.  
  4. Add a space description and capacity (for rooms only)
  5. Use the toggle next to 'Bookable by the hour' to specify if you want the space to be available for bookings in the app. If enabled, you will be prompted to enter some additional fields.  
  6. Booking type determines if the space will show up under the 'Book a desk' or 'Book a room' section of the app. When the booking type is set to 'Desk', you will have the option to specify a 'Booking Group'. Booking groups are a mechanism to group together desks that have the same/similar properties and display them as a single group on the user's booking screen instead of listing them out individually.  
  7. If desired, set a minimum/maximum booking time as well as your rules around booking cancellations.
  8. If you want a space to be available for bookings outside of the opening hours you specified on the 'Details' tab, you can enable this by using the 24/7 toggle.
  9. Upload a space photo (optimum resolution 1420 x 860 px)
  10. Link a calendar. If you have enabled a calendar integration (Google, Office 365 or Exchange) on the 'Integrations' page, you will see a calendar section where you can either select or specify which external calendar you want to link to the space. If a calendar is linked, any bookings made in Optix will block time in the linked calendar and vice versa.
  11. Under the 'Amenities' section, specify any included room features/amenities. This information will cede in to the space profile that users can reference when making a booking.
  12. Specify pricing for the space. Optix will always first look to see if there is a plan allowance to charge a booking to, and the prices specified will come in to effect for off plan bookings and plan overages.
  13. Click Save

Adding a buffer time between bookings

Want to have some time to clean a space before the next booking? Create a buffer between the end of the last booking, and the start of the next booking.

  1. Select an amount of time in the drop-down field under the title 'Buffer time (between bookings).
  2. The amount of time you select is the amount of time between the booking. Eg. If you select 0.5 hours, it will place a 30 minutes total between the end of the last booking, and the start of the next booking.

    Note: This setting affects all users.

Duplicate a space

If you have multiple spaces with similar properties (e.g. 20 hot desks) you can use the duplicate feature to save yourself time during the set up process.

  1. Click the more button (three vertical dots) next to the space you wish to duplicate, and click Duplicate
  2. In the window that pops up on screen, specify how many duplicates you would like to create as well as your desired naming convention, then click Duplicate

Editing a single space

You can change any space property by clicking on the space you wish to edit. If you want to update the same property (e.g. price or 24/7 bookings) for a group of spaces, you can use the bulk editing functionality (see below).

Editing multiple spaces (bulk edits)

Many space attributes can be updated by using the bulk edit functionality in Optix. This allows you to quickly change a property across multiple spaces without having to click in to each one individually. The following attributes can be updated using bulk edit, any others must be updated for each space individually.

To use the bulk edit function:

  1. Select the spaces you wish to edit using the checkbox to the left of the space details
  2. Click Bulk Edit at the bottom of your screen
  3. Select the attribute you wish to update 
  4. Make changes and click Save

Bookable by Administrators Only

It is possible to make a room bookable by an administrator/venue manager only. When enabled members will not be able to book the room via the mobile app. A member must contact the an Administrator/Venue Manager to book this room.

Deleting spaces

To delete an individual space, you can simply click in to the space and then click Delete space in at the bottom of the screen.

To delete multiple spaces, select the spaces using the checkbox to the left of the space information, then click Delete all from the blue bar at the bottom of your screen.

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