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How do I set up the Booking policy for a Resource?
How do I set up the Booking policy for a Resource?

As an admin, learn more about the specific resource settings available to you in each Resource's booking policy

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Whether you’re creating a resource for the first time or editing an existing resource, the booking policy is integral to the user’s booking experience. By customizing this page, admins will be able to set parameters and give users the freedom to create bookings for themselves. To get started:

  1. Either begin adding a resource or editing an existing one from the Resources page of your web dashboard.

  2. Scroll to Booking policy

  3. Click Configure

4. Customize the unique policies relevant to your business

Minimum/Maximum Booking Time

Set the length of time a user must book between. If users must book the resource for at least an hour, make the minimum booking time 1 hour. If users can’t book a resource for longer than 3 hours, make this the maximum booking time. This way, you can control the length of bookings and optimize the amount of time a user spends in your organization.

Repeat Bookings

Enabling this will allow users to make recurring bookings of the same resource. If you have regular users that typically visit your organization, they may have a preference for a particular resource and may like to book it on a sequential basis

24/7 Availability

Enabling this will allow users to book this resource at any time, regardless of the location’s service hours.

Note: Listing a resource as available 24/7 will affect the hours displayed in your sign-up widget. Non-users will see the same 24/7 access if your resource is listed on this page.


Enabling this will allow users to invite others to their booking, whether that be people from their contact list or other users in the organization.

Cancellation Policy

Define parameters between when a user can cancel or edit the start times of their booking. If set to 0, no restrictions will apply. If a user attempts to cancel after the specified time, they will still have to pay the booking fee.

Buffer time between bookings

Block off a certain amount of time after each booking of this resource before another can begin. For example, you may block off time for cleaning or if amenities need to be refilled/charged/replenished before the next guest, etc.

Buffer time between same-user bookings

Set the length of time that the same user must wait before rebooking this resource. This way, you can ensure equal opportunity for other users to book the same resource.

Maximum booking-in-advance time

How far in advance can a user book this resource? You may wish to create parameters around this so that users do not book so far out in advance that they forget their booking is upcoming. This way, you can also give priority to users who are actively using your organization and free up availability.

Once completed, hit Save in the top right corner of your dashboard and continue building your resource. If you’re fully done creating and editing the resource hit ‘Save’ once more to finish your task and save changes.

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