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How do I block other resources when another is booked?
How do I block other resources when another is booked?

As an admin, learn how to leverage the parent/child resources to block your resource when one if booked

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What are parent/child resources?

Parent/child resources are resources that have overlapping availability, where if one (parent) resource is booked, then it blocks the other (child) resource's availability and vice versa.

For instance, if a space has multiple meeting rooms and an event room, you may want to block other Users from using the meeting room if the event room is booked for the day.

How do I create parent/child resources?

  1. Click on Resources

  2. Select All Resources

  3. Click on the resource of your interest, scroll down to 'Block other resources', and select resources that you'd like to link.

When an admin or a User creates a booking for a parent/child resource, Optix will automatically create a block on the Schedule to indicate that the linked resource is unavailable.

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