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How can I manage Drop-in or Day Pass Users?

As an admin, learn how to utilize Optix to handle payments for day Pass and drop-in Users

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There are different ways to manage guests or visitors, referred to as drop-in Users in Optix, at your organization, whether that's through creating a Day Pass containing Allowance or allowing them to pay for the resource by the hour. How you'd like to manage these drop-in Users will depend on how you operate your organization.

1. Create a Day Pass

Utilizing Passes allows your Users to pay upfront for their Day Pass prior to making any bookings or checking in. One key piece to consider is how you want your Users to consume this pass. Below are some examples of how to create Passes for your organization:

If you'd like to give drop-in Users Allowances to book a resource

Depending on the type of Allowance you use at your organization (i.e. Hours, $, Uses, Custom Coins), you'll want to add a limited amount of Allowance to grant drop-in Users access to booking resource(s) at your organization (ie. 1 use for Bookings of any Hot Desk). Once your User has made their booking, their Pass will be consumed.

If you'd like drop-in Users to check into your organization

You'll need to include a limited Allowance of 1 use of Check-in at your organization. Once the User has checked-in, their Pass will be consumed. This is a common example for open-concept spaces, where Users can sit at any desk for the day as long as they are checked-in.

2. Allow Users to pay as they go

Booking resources

Set the Hourly and Daily cap price for your Resources and Users will simply be invoiced according to the duration of their booking. No purchase of a Pass would be required if you would like your Users to book the Resource directly. You can even name your Resources 'Day Pass'!

You can also allow your Users to make bookings on your website via the drop-in web widget.


Allow your Users to check-in in the app, and have your Check-in rate be charged to their account. Simply navigate to Settings > Check-ins and include a Day Rate pricing if you would like to charge your Users to check-in via the app.

Note: If you want to charge Day Pass Users immediately, we recommend making additional charged 'Due today. You can turn this on in your Settings > Features > Invoicing > Invoice policy, under 'Choose when to invoice additional charges' > 'On a new invoice, due today' or 'On next month's invoice'

Note: You can also decide if you'd like to require payment methods from your Users.

If you have auto payments enabled for your organization, the invoice will be finalized and automatically processed within three hours. If you do not have auto payments enabled, you can manually trigger the charge for the invoice.

3. Visitor Management App

The Visitor Management App allows admins to accept and manage visitors and deliveries via a device (i.e. iPad) at the entrance of your organization. Click here to learn more about the Visitor Management App.

Note: The Visitor Management App is a paid feature.

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