Note: Only team admins have the ability to add users to a team.

To add users to an already existing team:

  1. In your organization’s app, tap the More icon

  2. Select Teams from the menu

  3. Under 'Teams you administrate,' select the name of the team that the new member is joining

  4. On iOS, tap the team members section. On Android, tap the users icon

  5. Tap Add your team members

  6. If you'd like to add a new team admin: On iOS, tap the name of the user you wish to nominate, then tap Make administrator. On Android, tap the more button (three vertical dots) next to the user you wish to nominate, then tap Make administrator

Note: If your team has been assigned to a plan with individual usage (i.e. each member of the team has access to 30 hours of hot desk access per month), you'll need to contact your location admin immediately in order to ensure the new member is added to your plan.

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