How do I edit an assignment?

As an admin, learn how to make changes to an assignment in the Optix dashboard

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If an assignment’s details need to be altered at any time, you can do so in the dashboard. Start by heading to Schedule > List in the web dashboard.

  1. Locate the assignment by either searching for the user/team name or filtering the list by ‘Event type’.

    Once you’ve located the event in question, click on it to edit, or select the three-dot menu on the right and choose Edit from the drop-down menu.

  2. From the slide-out panel, you can change the end date, price, and any additional notes for the assignment.

    Any changes to the assignment price will be reflected in the next billing period; the only exception would be if a pending invoice was charged early. In this case, the updated price will be reflected in the following billing period.

    Note: An assignment’s start date cannot be altered. In this case, you’ll need to delete and recreate the assignment.

  3. On the next page, verify any changes you’ve made and hit Save to confirm those updates.

Note: If you need to make updates to an assignment that was created externally, you'll need to make these changes on your external calendar. Optix will not be able to import these updates.

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