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How do I edit a booking on behalf of a User?
How do I edit a booking on behalf of a User?

As an admin, learn how to make changes to user generated Bookings from the admin dashboard

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Admins can change details for any Booking made by a User at any of their locations, as long as the Booking was originally made within Optix.

Note: This means that Bookings made on an external calendar (i.e. Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange) and synced over to Optix through a calendar integration cannot be edited from within the Optix dashboard.

1. Log into your subdomain

2. Select Schedule from the left-hand menu

3. Locate the room Booking you'd like to edit the title for, and click the booking to modify it

4. Click the pencil icon to edit it

5. Here, you'll be able to edit the Booking's details, such as the date, start time, duration, and title of the meeting.

Note: If the Booking has already passed, you won't be able to edit or modify the Booking. You will only be able to cancel and refund their account.

6. Review the Summary to determine that they have enough Allowance left to successfully make this booking

7. When you're satisfied, click Save. This will automatically send the user an email notifying them of the changes to their Booking

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