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How do I set my availability for resource bookings?
How do I set my availability for resource bookings?

As an admin, learn which settings and parameters contribute to a resource’s availability for booking

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The availability of your resources depends on three settings: location settings, resource settings, and resource type settings.

Location Settings

A resource’s availability will almost always abide by your location service hours. Resource bookings must fall in between these times. Your location settings can be accessed from Settings > Organizations > Locations.

Resource Settings

While creating/editing a resource, you can also set parameters that contribute to your resource's availability. For example, you can set the minimum/maximum booking time in the booking policy, as well as the ability to make recurring bookings. You can make any updates by editing resources and configuring your resource's booking policy.

From the edit resource page, you could also choose to enable a toggle to allow your users 24/7 availability to book.

Resource Type Settings

Finally, when designing a resource type, you can use the time slots functionality to indicate when a user can book a resource. Alternatively, you can choose the ‘free select' option to set availability while also providing users with more freedom to their booking times.

If you’ve set up availability using several of the above settings, the priority is listed below from highest to lowest:

  • Time Slots, set up in Resource Types

  • Resource Settings, i.e. ‘24/7 availability'

  • Custom Service Hours, i.e. ‘Free Select' settings in Resource Types

  • Location Service Hours in Settings

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