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How do I create a time slot for a resource?
How do I create a time slot for a resource?

As an admin, learn how to set up a time slot from the Resource Types page

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With time slots, you can create blocks of time for bookings. There’s no limit to the number of time slots you can create for Resource Types. Your time slots will apply to any resources assigned to the Type you're creating.

To set up time slots, navigate to Resources > Resource types and either begin creating a Resource type or editing one. If you're creating a resource type, the time selection set-up will be the last step. If you're editing, select the resource type you wish to update, scroll down to the 'Time Selection' section, and select Edit Time Slots.

To add a new time slot, click the plus icon.

You can set up time slots in any way that best suits your organization's needs.

Example: If a resource is designed to be booked for all-day use, you can create an “all-day” time slot to accommodate. Similarly, if a resource is designed to be used once in the morning, and once in the afternoon, you can set up two time slots to indicate this.

If you’d like to provide several booking time options for your users, time slots can overlap as well. You could create an ‘all-day’ time slot from 9 am-5 pm, and also a morning time slot from 9 am-12 pm.

Tip: When you click the plus icon to add a new time slot, the start time will begin where its previous time slot ended (i.e. if your first time slot is 9 am-5 pm, the new time slot will begin at 6 pm). If the plus icon is clicked several times consecutively, the time slots that follow will populate in hourly increments!

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