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How do I edit/delete a time slot for a resource?
How do I edit/delete a time slot for a resource?

As an admin, learn how to make changes and update your resource type’s time slots

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Making changes to your resource type’s time slots is simple. Start on the Resource Types page of your web dashboard, and select the resource type you wish to edit. Then, scroll down to the ‘Time Selection’ section and select Edit Time Slots.

To Edit a Time Slot

From this time slot page, you can hover over the fields to update hours. Here, you can also add time slots, or duplicate.

If time slots are to be replicated for other days of the week, you can easily duplicate them without starting from scratch. Simply hover over the copy icon and select which day(s) you’d like to copy the time slots to.

To Delete a Time Slot

Don’t like a time slot you created? Delete it using the trash bucket icon to the right of the time slot. If you delete all time slots in a given day, any resources assigned to this type will appear as unavailable.

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