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How do I block all of my Resources on my Schedule?
How do I block all of my Resources on my Schedule?

As an Admin, learn how to close your organization by blocking all of your Resources on your calendar

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The block option on your Calendar is great when you want to close your organization for holidays or events and prevent Users from creating any bookings during those days.

If you want to block Users from booking specific Resources, click here to learn more.

Creating a Block on Schedule

  1. Click Schedule from the left-hand menu

  2. On the Calendar page, click Create from the top right corner of the dashboard

  3. Select New block from the drop-down menu

  4. Insert a title for the block and decide if you'd like to block all locations or specific locations (for multi-location organizations)

  5. Decide if you would like this to be a one-time or repeat block and if you would like to block specific times or the entire day

  6. Review the details and click Save

Optix will prompt a message that your Resources are not available when Users or Admins attempt to create bookings on blocked dates and times.

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