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How do I add administrators to my Optix dashboard?
How do I add administrators to my Optix dashboard?

As an admin, learn how to add administrators to your Optix account

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Administrators (known within Optix as 'admins') help you manage your organization's Optix account. As the Owner of your organization's Optix account, you have the ability to manage all admins. You can add as many additional admins as you'd like.

Note: Only the 'Owner' admin(s) will have permissions to add, edit, or remove other administrators in your dashboard.

Understanding the different admin roles

When you add additional admins to your account to help you manage your organization, you'll be able to designate their admin role. Each admin level has different types of admin access, going from Owner (most access) to Reception (least access). More on that here.

The permissions associated with each admin type can be found under Settings > Admins

Adding admins

  1. Click Settings from the left-hand menu

  2. Click Admins

  3. Click Add Admin from the top right corner

  4. Type in the email address of the admin, select their admin role, and click Save. They will receive an email notification.

You can designate the primary admin for each location using the Primary Contact field under Settings > Organization > Locations > [Location Name] > Contact info. This will be the contact that shows up under 'Contact Admin' for the location, on the mobile app.

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