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How do I create a task?
How do I create a task?

As an admin, learn how to create tasks

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In Optix, you can use the Task feature to help your admin team stay on top of all the different duties in your dashboard. With this feature, you can create both non-recurring and recurring tasks.

How do I create a Task?

To create a task, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Task tab from the left-hand bar

  2. Click on Add task from the top right corner of the screen

  3. From the panel:

    1. Add a title of the task

    2. Select an assignee

    3. Add the Status of the task

    4. Specify the due date and due time of the task

    5. Specify if it's a recurring or non-recurring task

    6. Add a label (if applicable)

    7. Add a description of the task

  4. Click Save

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: You can create a Task directly from specific areas of the dashboard

Note: The 'Owner' and 'Manager' admin roles have visibility of all tasks, while the 'Client representative' and 'Reception' admin roles only have visibility of tasks assigned to them.

Some of the areas you can create Tasks directly from are:

  • Bookings

  • Users/Teams

  • Plans

  • Invoices

To create a task directly from these areas, simply click on the three-dot menu on the subject of interest.

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