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Can all Admins create Automations?

As an Admin, learn which levels or permission are available for Admins to able to see, edit, or create Automations.

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Admin permission levels for Automations:

There are 4 levels of Admin within Optix, all of which are able to see Automations on the Optix dashboard:

  1. Owner

  2. Manager

  3. Client Service

  4. Reception

Only 2 of these Admin levels are able to create and edit Automations:

  1. Owner

  2. Manager

To review your current Admin levels, or add new Admins:

  1. Click on the Settings tab in Optix

  2. Click on Admins, under the "Administration" heading

  3. To add a new Admin: Click Add admin in the top right corner


  4. To edit the permission level of an existing Admin: Hover your mouse over the image of an existing Admin, and click Edit

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