How do I remove users from my organization?

As an admin, learn how to delete users from your dashboard and organization

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If you remove a user from your Optix account, they will no longer have access to log into your organization's mobile app. However before you're able to remove a user or a team from your Optix account, you must first remove any plans from the user's account (learn how to do that by clicking here).

  1. Click Users from the left-hand menu

  2. Locate the user(s) you'd like to remove, and select the checkboxes next to their names

  3. Click More at the bottom right of the screen and select Remove users

  4. Click Remove users on the pop-up to complete this action

Note: When you are removing a user from your organization, a final invoice will be generated that includes all of the user’s pending invoice items. You’ll have the option to either Invoice today’ or not charge and ‘Void’ the invoice.

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