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How do I edit a Plan?

As an admin, learn how to make changes to an existing Plan

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All attributes of a Plan, with the exception of billing frequency, can be updated after the Plan is initially created. When making changes, you will have the option to notify any Users/Teams currently assigned to a particular Plan.

1. Click Plans from the left-hand menu

2. Locate the Plan you wish to edit, then click View/Edit

3. Make any desired updates. If you wish to remove a particular access click Remove in the bottom right corner of the relevant layer.

Note: If you change the Allowance provided as part of an access layer (e.g. change the number of hours included in the Plan), saving the changes will reset the Allowance for the period back to zero and any usage already accumulated during the period will not be charged against the Plan. If you'd like to avoid this reset, make changes to Plans as close to your monthly billing date as possible.

4. Scroll down and click Save

5. For Plans with current subscribers, a pop up window will appear asking if you'd like to notify assigned Users of the changes. Make your selection then click Confirm

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