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How do I create a new user property/group?
How do I create a new user property/group?

As an admin, learn how to define additional data points for your users using custom properties

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Note: Be sure you are collecting data in accordance with relevant laws/regulations in your jurisdiction. If in doubt, reference the privacy laws/regulations in your country or consult with your legal counsel before making public. Learn more about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) here.

With custom properties, you can choose to collect additional user information that will be helpful in running your space.

  1. Click Settings in the left-hand menu

  2. Click User settings then select User properties

  3. Click Add property in the top right of the screen 

  4. Click New property, or new property group if you wish to organize properties by grouping.

  5. Complete the 'Details' fields. User property 'groups' are a way to organize the various pieces of information you are collecting from your users. Information will be displayed in the user-side panel in the groups that you have specified here.  

  6. Under the 'Attributes' section, specify a 'Field type'.  This determines what types of values you want to accept for a particular property (e.g.  numerical, date, text etc.)

  7. In the 'Permission' field, choose if the property can be filled out by admins or by both admins and users by selecting 'hidden' (admin only), 'optional', or 'required' (Users can fill out)

  8. For properties that are set to be editable by users, you can also enable the toggle to require the user to complete the field as part of the sign up process 

  9. Use the 'Display on public user profiles' toggle to decide if you want this property to show on user profiles in the directory 

  10. Click Save 

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