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What kinds of system generated emails get sent to my users?
What kinds of system generated emails get sent to my users?

As an admin, learn about the system generated emails Optix sends to your users

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We send system-generated emails to your users for actions such as:

  • Sign-up

  • Booking confirmation

  • Updating booking

  • Cancelling a booking

  • Upcoming invoice

  • Paid invoice

  • Added to a team

    Your users can turn off these emails in their mobile app settings, here’s an FAQ that shows them how.

    The system-generated emails cannot be edited; however, we’ve designed these emails with your organization in mind and include your organization's logo and name. The emails also include a link to contact you (the admin) directly if your users have any questions.

    Here’s an example of a typical system-generated e-mail:

Note: The name, location, and logo will reflect your users' name and your location name/logo.

If you’d like to send out your own welcome emails, or similar, you can use Zapier to connect an integration; such as Mailchimp, to do so.

You can also message users directly from your web dashboard.

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