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How do I get Optix invoice data in to my accounting system?
How do I get Optix invoice data in to my accounting system?

As an admin, learn how to import Optix invoice data in to Xero, QuickBooks and other accounting systems

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At this time, Optix does not have any direct integrations with any accounting software. However, it is possible to port over information using .csv exports or by creating a Zap.
This method is also useful if you have users that require a invoice history for tax purposes etc. Allowing you to export a file for only a specific user's invoices.ย 

Invoice exports

Optix has the ability to export your invoice data in a generic .csv file, as well as .csv files formatted for Xero and Zoho.

  1. Select Invoices from the left-hand menu

  2. Tick the checkboxes to the left of the invoices you'd like to export. If you'd prefer to export invoice data for all users, instead tick the checkbox next to the word 'Name at the top of the list'

  3. Individual users: To export data for an individual user, search for their full name in the search field then check tick the box to select all invoices

  4. Click Export data on the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen

  5. Select which format you'd like (Generic, Zoho-compatible, or Xero-compatible) to start your .csv file download

Zapier integrations

Automations with certain accounting systems (including Xero, Freshbooks and QuickBooks Online) can be configured via Zapier. When configuring Zaps be sure to use the Optix trigger of 'New invoice payment'.
Here are some examples of Zapier integrations you can set up with Optix and Freshbooks:

  • Creating a new Freshbooks sales receipt or Freshbooks invoice when a user pays their Optix invoice

  • Add a new Freshbooks online customer when a user is added to the organization

  • Creating a bill in Freshbooks when a user pays their invoice

To learn more, visit our Zapier page.

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