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How does Zapier work with Optix?

As an admin, learn how Zapier works and how it can be used to create integrations between Optix and other software you are using

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We’ve partnered with Zapier to allow Optix clients to do more by connecting your favorite apps to your Optix account.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a cloud-based integrations platform that enables automations between more than 1000 apps and your Optix account. When a certain action is completed in Optix, it triggers an action in one of the connected applications.

What is a Zap?

A Zap is the method by which information is transmitted between Zapier enabled applications. It pushes data from one app to another based on a system of triggers and actions.

A 'trigger' is the initial event that alerts Zapier to start an action. The trigger might be adding a new user, a new booking being created or an invoice being paid.

An 'action' is what happens in the connected application after the trigger has occurred.

Once you've set a trigger and an action, give your new zap a test and you’re all set! As a bonus, you can toggle your individual zaps on or off at any time so you can create specific zaps to automate for you while you’re on vacation, or when you work from home.

Do I need to have a Zapier account?

If you wish to connect your Optix account with other Zapier-enabled applications, yes! You must have an account with Optix, Zapier, and any other apps you’re looking to create zaps between.

How do I set up Zaps in Optix?

Within your Optix dashboard, there is a selection of pre-created Zaps that you can choose from. If you can't find the workflow or app you're looking for, you can create your own at Visit Zapier’s FAQ pages to learn more!

  1. Select Apps & Integrations from the left-hand menu, then click Zapier

  2. Locate the Zap you'd like to set up, then click Use this Zap 

  3. Log into your Zapier account (or fill in your information to sign-up)

  4. Zapier will guide you from there!

Is Zapier free?

Signing up for Zapier is free. As an unpaid service, users can make use of a limited number of zaps per month. If your needs outgrow the free service, explore the added features available in one of their paid plans.

How do I contact Zapier?

Visit their contact page, which can be found here.

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