The Optix user experience is powered exclusively by a mobile app. By default, your organization will be set to use the Optix branded app. This comes at no additional cost and is ready for immediate use. 

If you would like to have white labelled Android and iOS apps, we require the following items be completed. Once both tasks are completed, the Optix team will need approximately 2 weeks to publish your apps.  

  1.  Create an Apple developer account and add the Optix team with the requisite permissions as outlined here. This process can take up to two weeks and a Developer Account carries a cost of $99 USD / year.
  2. Complete an information gathering survey that provides us with the requisite information to publish your apps.  

Is there a cost?

Yes, we charge a one time app development fee of $499 USD. This fee is charged when your apps get published to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. 

Do I need to create a developer account for Android as well?

No, your Android app will be published from the Optix Developer Account. The requirement to have your own Developer Account only applies for iOS.

Ongoing Apple Developer Account Maintenance

  • You will need to periodically review and agree to Apple Development terms and conditions, these are changed several times throughout the year and must be accepted by the Account Owner of the Apple Developer Account. 
  • Your Apple Developer Account must be kept active which is subject to a $99 USD per year fee that is managed by Apple, this is in addition to any costs with Optix.
  • Apple may send you emails regarding your Apple Developer Account, it's recommended that you ensure the email address associated with our Developer Account is current and you are able to receive this correspondence from Apple.  

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