Do I need to manage my Apple Developer account after my WLA is published?

Learn how to manage your Apple Developer account to ensure your account stays active and your app is always available to your members

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As Optix builds your iOS app directly in your Apple Developer (AD) account, it is important to remember that ongoing maintenance of your Apple Developer (AD) account will be your company's responsibility.

To ensure that your account stays active and your app is always available to your members follow the tips below:

1. Create you Apple Developer account with an email that is going to be accessible to your company on a longterm basis

It is highly recommended that you do not use a personal or specific email address to create your AD account in the instance your team experiences changes and you need to access your AD account. We recommend you use a company-wide email (ie. or the email address of your company owner.

2. Agree to Apple Development terms and conditions as soon as you are notified of any changes

You will need to periodically review and agree to Apple Development terms and conditions. We cannot update your app with expired AD terms and conditions. In order to keep your app running smoothly, ensure that your terms are updated as quickly as possible.

Note: These are changed several times throughout the year and must be accepted by the Account Owner of the AD Account.

3. Keep your Apple Developer Account active with auto-renewal to avoid expiration of your Membership

Your Apple Developer Account renews annually, and is subject to a $99 USD per year fee that is managed by Apple.

Note: This is in addition to any costs with Optix. Failure to pay this fee and keep an active AD Account will result in your apps being delisted from the app store until it is paid.

4. Apple may send you emails regarding your Apple Developer Account, it's recommended that you ensure the email address associated with your Developer Account is current and you are able to receive this correspondence from Apple.

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