What is a White Labeled App (WLA)?

As an admin, learn more about what a White Labeled App entails

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White-labeled apps (WLA) are custom built iOS and Android mobile applications created by our team, for you. They are the heart of the Optix platform, enabling your users to connect with your community, reserve a meeting room, pay an invoice, and more, all from their mobile device.

By default, your organization will be set to use the Optix branded app. This comes at no additional cost and is ready for immediate use. If you are looking to opt into a White Labeled App, we charge a $99/mo fee that covers the initial build as well as maintenance of your white label app.

To see what a White Labeled App would look like for your business, navigate to your Admin Dashboard to the Mobile App tab. From here, you can customize the look and feel of your White Label App, as well as purchase one.

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