How long does it take for Optix to build my White Label App (WLA)?

Learn how long it takes for us to build and ship your White Label Apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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White-labeled apps are custom-built iOS and Android mobile applications created by our team, for you.

Upon completing the two steps outlined in this article, it will take approximately 30-45 days for your apps to be published in the stores, depending on whether you choose to expedite your app.

White labeled app for coworking spaces

To get an estimate of how long it will take for Optix to build your white-labeled app, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings from the left-hand menu

  2. Click Mobile app

  3. Click Get Started

  4. Navigate through the flow, adding the requested details to your app such as your app icon logo, name, descriptions and more

  5. Click Continue if you are ready to proceed

  6. Select whether you'd like to proceed with the standard or expedited timeline. The expedited timeline will ensure our team prioritizes the development of your app before others and costs a one time fee of $119 USD.


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