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How do I get a White Label App (WLA) for my business?
How do I get a White Label App (WLA) for my business?

As an admin, learn about the process of getting a White Label App for your business

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White-labeled apps are custom built iOS and Android mobile applications created by our team, for you. They are the heart of the Optix platform, enabling your users to connect with your community, reserve a meeting room, pay an invoice and more, all from their mobile device.

In order to build your white-labeled Android and iOS apps, you are required to:

Note: As creating an Apple Developer account and requesting a D-U-N-S number can take 2-4 weeks, we recommend that you prioritize the steps below, prior to designing your WLA.

Once we have access to your Apple Developer account and your WLA design, the Optix team will need approximately 2-4 weeks to publish your apps. Please refer to this article for more details on the timeline.

Note: Due to Google's updated review process, we require that you configure:

  • Your Resources and include photos in their description

  • Your Location details and include photos

  • Your Community Feed by either adding a post or disabling the feature

This greatly minimizes the risk of your Android apps being delayed.

Ready to get started with your Apple Developer Account? Follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Register for an Apple Developer Account

a. Create an Apple Developer Account

1. Visit and login with an Apple ID to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. You must enroll your company as an organization and not an individual otherwise we will not be able to publish apps on your behalf. We also recommend that you create the account using an organization email address instead of a personal email address. Apple charges an annual fee of $99 USD to maintain a developer account.

2. You will be prompted to enter or search for a D-U-N-S number. Apple uses this to verify the legal status of your company. If you are not sure if you have a D-U-N-S number, you can search for or request a D-U-N-S number for your organization through Apple. After requesting a D-U-N-S Number, please allow up to five business days to receive your number. Once you receive your D-U-N-S Number, it may take up to 7 days for Apple to receive your information. After this period, you may enroll as a company/organization in the Apple Developer Program.

IMPORTANT: If requesting a new D-U-N-S number we recommend doing it directly through Apple using this link. If requesting directly from the Dun & Bradstreet website, the process may take longer than five days. There is no need to pay to expedite the service.

3. Check ‘Auto-Renew’ Membership to avoid automatic expiration of your Membership after one year and ensure your app remains active in the Apple Store.

b. Already have an Apple Developer account?

To check whether a current account you have is associated with your organization, log into your Apple Developer Account, navigate to ‘Account’, then ‘Membership’, and check that the entity type is set to ‘Company / Organization’. If you have an individual account that you’d like to change to an organizational account, please contact Apple here and let them know that you'd like to change your account to an organization account. They will follow up to request additional information, including your D-U-N-S number (see the steps below to request a D-U-N-S number, to verify your enrolment).

If you have an Apple Developer account, skip ahead in this article to the section titled 'Adding Optix to your App Store Connect account'.

If you don't yet have an Apple Developer account, follow the instructions below.

In accordance with Section 4.2.6 of the App Store Review Guidelines, Apple requires that apps are published from a developer account registered to your organization.

Note: The organization name used must match or resemble the name of the app. If your App Name is different, you must provide us with a legal document that shows the relationship between the organization/entity's legal name and the name you're doing business as, ideally your DBA registration papers.

Step 2: Add Optix to your App Store Connect account

1. Log in to your App Store Connect account here. Then, select 'Users & Access'.

2. Click the + icon then enter the below details:

First name: Casey
Last name: Yu

Select the checkbox next to Admin to grant Optix access to set up your app. If you have multiple apps on your account, you can specify the app to which you are granting us permissions.

Under Developer Resources check the box to provide us “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”. If this checkbox is not available, please ensure your developer program membership is enrolled as an organization.

Step 3: Comply with EU's Digital Services Act

Apple requires all new apps to comply with EU's Digital Services Act, which requires the trader to include contact information to be listed on the App Store listing page. The following information is required regardless of which country your organization is located in:

  • Address, City, State/Province, Country, ZIP code/Postal Code

  • Contact phone number (including the country code)

  • Contact email

Below are steps to verify your contact in your Apple Store Connect Account:

  1. Log into your App Store Connect Account

  2. Click on Business

  3. Click on Complete Compliance Requirements for [your organization] in the yellow banner

  4. Click on Complete Compliance Requirements in the grey banner

  5. Select This is a trader provider account on the Digital Services Act Compliance page, and click Next

  6. Review the contact information

  7. Apple will then prompt you to verify your email and phone number

Note: You may be asked to go through additional steps by Apple to validate your address and contact details.

For more details on how to complete this step, please refer to this article from Apple support.

Ready to design your WLA? Click here to get started!

For more important tips on managing your WLA on iOS, click here

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