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How do I add a payment method on behalf of a user or team?
How do I add a payment method on behalf of a user or team?

As an admin, learn how to add payment details for a user or team from within the admin dashboard

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In Optix, you have the ability as an admin to add in a user's card details and payment methods if you so choose. Outlined below are the instructions on how to do so:

1. Select Users from the left-hand menu

2. If adding a method to a team, select the Teams tab

3. Search for the user/team that you'd like to add a payment method to

4. Select Account from the side panel

5. Within the 'Payment Method' section, click the + icon

6. Fill out their payment information

7. Determine whether you'd like to enable auto-payments for this user

Note: With auto-payments enabled, a user will be automatically charged on the day their invoices become due. With auto-pay disabled, the user will be responsible for paying for their invoice when it becomes due. Once you click Continue in the next step, only the user will be able to update the payment method.

8. Click Continue to save their information

Note: The user will receive a confirmation email letting them know that a new payment method has been added to their account.

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