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How do I let a User know their Plan is about to end?
How do I let a User know their Plan is about to end?

As an admin, learn how to set up a Zapier trigger to let a User know their Plan is ending.

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To allow for Users to receive a notification that their Plan is ending, you’ll need to set up a Zapier account. Read this article to learn more about how Zapier works and how it can be used to create integrations between Optix and your other softwares!

Once you have your Zapier account set up, navigate to your Zapier profile and select the Trigger ‘Plan Subscription Ending Soon in Optix’.

Setting up the Zap

Every Zap in Zapier is made up of a ‘trigger’ and at least one ‘event’. The trigger is the action within Optix, and the event is what happens after the trigger is initiated.

Example: Every time a new User is added to Optix, you’d like to add their email address to a newsletter group. The ‘new User added’ is an Optix trigger, and the ‘email added to newsletter group’ is the event.

1. When setting up a Zap, you’ll first need to link your Optix account to the trigger, so Zapier knows where to pull information from.

2. Next, Zapier will instruct you to ‘test the trigger’ by pulling example data from your Optix account. This is to ensure that the Zap is successful within your organization, and this process will help you identify any gaps to correctly execute the Zap.

Note: To seamlessly test this trigger without involving any of your Users, you may wish to create an example Plan, set to end soon, attached to an admin’s User account or your own User account. This way, when you test the event in later steps, any emails are sent to an inbox where you can verify the success of the Zap!

3. After you’ve successfully tested the trigger, you are ready to move onto the event. In this case, the ‘event’ will be sending an email to your Users to alert them that their Plan is ending soon. From here, you can ‘Choose app & event’. After selecting your preferred email app, you’ll be directed to the next step to choose the action.

4. Once you’ve selected the action and account, you’ll be directed to fill out an email template. This will be the automated response that is sent to your Users. You can further personalize this message using custom fields. This information is pulled into Zapier from Optix during the ‘trigger’ stage. The dummy data from Step 2 will show here as a guide for you when writing out your email!

In the ‘Set up action’ section, note the following:

  • Ensure that you pick ‘subscriber’s email’ in the ‘To’ section.

  • Fill out all of the required fields.

  • Upon clicking ‘Test Trigger,’ Zapier will send an email to the User you’ve selected during Step 2. Ensure that it is an admin or yourself to not confuse your Users.

Once the test has been completed and marked as successful, you are ready to turn the Zap on! Now, your Users will be notified when their Plan is ending!

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