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Does Optix integrate with Slack?

As an admin, learn how to connect Slack to Optix via Zapier

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Yes! Optix integrations with Slack are available through our partnership with Zapier. We've premade a few 'Zap templates' for specific Optix-Slack integration based on feedback from our clients.

If you're interested in setting up one of the pre-templated Zaps:

  1. Select Apps & Integrations from the left-hand menu, then click Zapier

  2. Click the Use this Zap button next to the Zap you'd like to use

  3. Zapier will then walk you through the setup process

Note: If you don't see anything happen after clicking Use this Zap, make sure pop-ups are not being blocked by your browser.

If you're interested in creating a different Optix-Slack integration, visit our FAQ on setting up Zaps or contact our Optix Support team and we'd be happy to help you set it up.
To learn more about how Zaps and Optix integrations through Zapier work, read our blog post here.

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