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What is an Action in Automations?

As an admin, learn about what actions limits are

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An "Action" within Automations refers to a specific operation or task that is executed automatically as part of a predefined Automation workflow. Actions are triggered based on certain Conditions, variables, or events, allowing you to streamline and automate routine tasks.

Automated actions in Optix include:

  • Creating a Task

  • Sending a Message to a User/Team

  • Sending an Email to a User/Team

  • Changing a User's Account type

  • Changing a User's Account status

  • Posting to the Community feed

  • and more

These Actions enable you to automate and simplify your workflow, ensuring that critical tasks are completed without manual intervention.

Note: All Optix subscriptions include unlimited default Automations (that have not been customized).

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