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What is an Automation?

Learn what Automations are in Optix, what their main benefits are, and how to use them.

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What is an Automation?

An automation in Optix refers to a feature that streamlines repetitive tasks, making processes efficient and consistent without manual effort. This boosts productivity and accuracy.

What are the key aspects of Automations in Optix?

  1. Task Automation: Automates routine tasks like sending emails or messages to Users when specific events or actions occur. For instance, when a new Active User is added, a welcome email can be sent automatically.

  2. Workflow Automation: Creates workflows to automate sequences of actions, such as nurturing Unconfirmed Users, assisting with New Active User onboarding, or creating tasks for Admins, triggered by specific events or conditions.

  3. Triggers: The events or actions that cause an Automation or automated workflow to begin.

  4. Actions: Functions and activities within Optix that can automatically happen once a specified Trigger occurs.

  5. Enrolments: The process of registering or associating pre-determined groups of Users, Teams, or Admins with a specific Automation.

Automations in Optix enhance operational efficiency and accuracy by automating tasks and workflows, allowing Admins to focus on strategic growth, community engagement and Member satisfaction.

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