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What is a Control in Automations?

As an Admin, learn what Controls are in Automations.

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A Control is a mechanism in Optix that allows Admins to manage and direct the flow of steps within Automations.

Controls can be used to specify Conditions that must be met for as Automation to proceed, or to introduce Delays between different steps of a workflow. This allows Admins to customize and fine-tune their automated processes, ensuring the Automations run smoothly and according to your specific requirements.

There are two main types of Controls available:

  1. Condition: This type of Control is used to set rules that determine whether the automation continues. For example, you can specify that the Automation should only proceed if a User meets certain criteria.

  2. Delay: This type of Control allows you to add time delays between steps in the Automation, helping you to space out Actions and manage the timing of your processes more effectively.

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