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What is a Condition in Automations?

As an Admin, learn what Conditions are in Automations and how to use them.

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A Condition is type of Control, that is responsible for determining whether a specific Action or series of Actions should be executed. Conditions evaluate specific criteria or variables to decide if the Automation should proceed. They act as gatekeepers within Optix Automations, ensuring that actions are only triggered when certain pre-defined requirements are met.

For example, in an Optix Automation for new Users:

  1. Trigger: New Active User

  2. Condition: Only continue if...

    1. Account's primary location

    2. Is

    3. East Coast Office

  3. Action: Send a message

In this case, the Condition ensures that only Active Users who are joining your coworking space at the East Coast Office will receive the specific message you have written for this Automation. If the condition is not met, further Actions are not executed.

To explore available conditions:

  1. Click on the " + " button to add a new step

  2. Click on Condition

Note: You can add multiple Conditions if needed. Simply click on the + And or the + Or buttons under your Condition to add more.

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