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How do I create an Automation?

As an admin, learn how to create an Automation

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Automating tasks in Optix can significantly support enhancing efficiency, reducing manual labour, and improving the overall productivity of your admin team's day-to-day tasks. Automations can also support reducing errors and ensure consistent follow-up with your users.

Before getting started, get familiarized with the different types of terms used in Automations:

How do I create an Automation?

To create an automation:

  1. Click on Automations (the lightning strike icon) from the left-hand bar

  2. Click on Add Automation from the top right corner

  3. From the side panel, you have the option to create your Automation from a Recipe, which is a great place to start if you're not quite sure how to kickstart the process or if you're looking to get some inspiration.

  4. Select from one of the Recipes OR click on Start from scratch

If you selected a Recipe:

  1. Review the preview and description of the Automation

  2. Click Open in editor and customize the Automation accordingly (i.e. Update the trigger to only send the email to users with 'Drop-in' status, customize the email you'd like to send to your users...etc)

  3. Once you've made the appropriate updates, click Save and set live

If you have selected Start from Scratch:

For example, we'll be creating an Automation to send users a message to revisit the app to create a booking if they have not logged into the app in more than 7 days.

  1. Select Date as the Trigger

  2. Configure the Trigger accordingly:

    1. Set the 'Which date' field as 'Last mobile app use date'

    2. Set the 'when' as 'On the date

  3. Click Continue

  4. Click Choose an action

  5. Select Delay and set it for 7 days

  6. Add a new Step and select Send an email

  7. Configure this step accordingly and click Done

  8. Save a name for this Automation and click Save and set live

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