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What are automation labels?

As an admin, learn about what the Automation labels are and how to use them

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Labels in Automation can help you categorize and segment your Automations based on criteria meaningful to your business. For example, you can label contacts as "Prospect," "Client," or "VIP," making it easier to filter and view specific groups.

Labels provide quick visual cues and filtering options, helping you stay organized more efficiently. They are also highly customizable, and you can create and name them based on the needs of your business processes.

What are some ways you could use labels in Automations?

  • Task Management: Create labels for Automations that create tasks, such as "High Priority" or "Recurring Tasks."

  • User Management: Create Automations for sending emails to users "Booking Reminder Emails" or "Feedback Emails"

  • Sales Pipeline: Create labels for Automations specifically for "Leads" or "Inquiry Follow Up"

For more examples on how to leverage Labels, click here.

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