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How can I use Labels in Automations?

As an Admin, learn how to create Labels for your Automations, and learn examples of common/popular Labels other Admins have used.

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Labels are an effective way to segment your Automations into groups or types, based on the nature of your business and the Automations you have created. Labels allow you to sort your Automations by color, as well as give your Labels names for further segmentation.

Here are some common examples of Label descriptors:

  • On-boarding

  • Off-boarding

  • Issue reporting

  • Member engagement

  • Lead engagement

  • Resource Information

  • Invoice follow-up / general invoice-related

  • Member deactivation

  • Scheduled Communications

  • Emails

  • Account Type

  • Tasks

  • Account Status

  • Notifications

  • Plans & Passes workflows

Feel free to use any of these Labels above for your own Automations, plus any others that may help you administer your Optix Automations more efficiently and effectively.

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