How do I bulk update Plans?

As an admin, learn how to bulk update active Plans

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To bulk update active Plans, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Plans

  2. Select All Plans

  3. Use the filter option to select all by Plan template type OR by the Plan template type of interest

  4. Click on Bulk Edit

  5. Make necessary updates (i.e. renaming the Plan, end date, price, adding/removing allowances, terms)

  6. Click Save

Note: You can only bulk-remove matching allowances. If the Plans that you've selected do not have matching allowances, they will not be displayed for you to bulk update.

Note: If you update the price or the allowances, this will take effect on the next allowance cycle. If you'd like the update to take effect immediately, you'll need to manually add the allowance or manually charge the User for the rest of the allowance/billing cycle.

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