Once you’ve added a Plan to a User or Team, you are able to easily update or cancel this Plan at any time.

Haven't added a Plan to an individual user or a team? Learn how here.

To cancel a plan in the Plans tab:

1. Click on Plans

2. Click on All Plans

3. Search for the User or Team

4. Click on the three-dot menu on the right side

5. Click End

You can cancel a plan in the Users tab:

1. Click on Users or Teams from the left-hand menu

2. Search for the User or Team

3. Click on their profile

4. Click on Plans from the right-hand side

5. Click on the Plan you wish to cancel

6. Click on the trash icon on the top right-hand corner

Note: Optix will automatically generate a credit for the remaining Allowance and access if a Plan or Pass has been canceled partway through a billing period. Click here to learn more about how credits work in Optix. If you’d like to process a refund instead, you’ll need to manually complete this directly through your payment gateway. Click here to learn more about processing refunds.

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